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About Cynthia Huie-Rose


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Cynthia has been studying Cantonese Opera since she was a young girl. Under the tutelage of Master Chu Hing Cheung, instructor to Hong Kong's most famous opera stars, she began fine-tuning her Cantonese Opera skills after transitioning from Classical Chinese singing to Cantonese Opera.


Moving to the United States to attend university, Cynthia became associated with Cantonese Opera singing groups in New York and San Jose, California. Nine years ago, upon returning to Hong Kong with her husband and sons, she immersed herself into the Cantonese Opera scene. Under the instruction of Wan Ka Sing, Martin Lau and other well-known performers, she and her family began performing throughout Hong Kong with many shows a benefits for various Hong Kong charities. Additionally, they were invited to perform at the International Invitational Cantonese Opera Performances in Guangzhou. They were then invited to perform at a special tribute performance in Fo Shan, China.


In addition to her performances with her husband and sons, she has had the honor and pleasure to perform alongside Hong Kong's most prestigious Cantonese Opera stars.

Cynthia has found renewed vitality and purpose in performing and benefiting so many worthy causes. As Matriarch of 'The Rose Family Hong Kong', she has found joy and a sense of fulfillment by exposing and promoting the awe-inspiring art of Cantonese Opera and its associated Chinese Culture throughout Hong Kong and the world.

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