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About Lawrence Rose


A native New Yorker, Lawrence moved to Hong Kong 9 years ago with his family. This move gave him greater breadth of the Hong Kong and Chinese culture, traditions and customs.


Having studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) campuses in Hong Kong and Savannah, Georgia, and graduating with a BFA in Animation and Visual Effects, he is currently an MFA candidate in the area of Interactive Game Design and Development at SCAD's Hong Kong campus.


His deep appreciation and focus on art and music has increased his appreciation exponentially for the art, design and music in Cantonese Opera. He has performed in numerous Rose Family Hong Kong productions with both speaking roles and as secondary characters. As a student of Martial Arts and weaponry, he has enjoyed playing soldiers of different dynasties in their full regalia.


His interest in performing for charitable causes, and his exuberance to perform, has created interest among his Chinese and Western friends and schoolmates - especially those that have never been exposed to the grace and beauty of Cantonese Opera. There are in awe of the intensity and complexity that is involved - from the dressing room to the stage.

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