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About Leonard W. Rose


Leonard was born and raised in New York City before moving with his family to Hong Kong 9 years ago. A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia (U.S.A.) with a BFA in Performing Arts (cum laude), Leonard has been a principal player in both school and independent theatre dramas and musicals since he was a small child.


Enamored with Chinese Culture, Leonard, along with the rest of 'The Rose Family Hong Kong', has participated at numerous social/welfare benefit performances over the last 9 years singing with his brother, Lawrence, and friends, classic contemporary Cantonese songs such as "Hoi Foot Teen Hong" (海闊天空) by Beyond, and "My Pride" (我的驕傲) by Joey Young.


Seven years ago he was asked by his parents if he would perform the female role his mother played with his father. He accepted the challenge, and began to perfect his falsetto voice, stage movements, and Cantonese. Since that time, he has performed the vignette Dai Nui Fa (帝女花之香夭) with his father in venues within Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Fo Shan China (the Fo Shan Cantonese Opera Museum has pictures of their performance on display). He since went on to perform the singing and dancing vignette of the beautiful Zhen Mi, in the classic opera, "Rendevous at River Luo in a Dream". In addition to this SRO performance at the Sunbeam Theatre in December 2015, he was a guest performer representing Hong Kong with the 'Hong Kong Learners Chorus' in London, England in 2016.

Currently residing in New York City, and continuing to pursue his career in theatre, he remains an advocate in promoting and developing in others, an appreciation of the art and beauty of Cantonese Opera.

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