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About Lyle Rose


A Native New Yorker, Lyle was instilled with the love for Chinese Culture and the Arts by his non-Chinese parents at a very early age. He lived and worked in Hong Kong during the 1980's where he met and married his wife, Cynthia Huie-Rose. Watching his wife rehearse Cantonese Opera in his early years allowed him to experience a side of Cantonese Culture he had never seen before.


Embracing this beauty and elegance, and reveling in the art of Cantonese Opera, he was asked by his wife, six years ago, if he would like to learn a vignette and perform it with her. Not being proficient in Cantonese, he was guided by Wan Ka Sing, and his wife, to learn the vignette of "Dai Nui Fa" (帝女花之香夭) and be able to perform it at an acceptable level.


He has performed this vignette over the last 8 years, initially with his wife, and then with his son (Leonard W. Rose) throughout the majority of venues in Hong Kong. Additionally, they have performed in Guangzhou and Fo Shan China as well. Like his wife and sons, he wishes to give back to the community by raising funds for charitable institutions, with hope that this beautiful piece of Cantonese culture can be exposed to and appreciated by all ages and cultures.

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